Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One revealed and why my (gamer) girlfriend hates it.

Microsoft revealed their new promise for gaming, the Xbox one. Presented of course at one of those fancy shows they are so good at doing, featuring public figures of the size of Steven Spielberg (who, by the way, is working on a Halo series). 

The Xbox one promise? Living room integration. Ultimate zapping: Change with one voice command between games, movies, Skype, music. Split screen: watch your NFL games at the same time as internet stats. Fancier graphics: Of course. 

The new box also offers advanced customization features: It will remember what you were doing the last time, recognize your own voice, and basically remember everything you do. 

My girlfriend's take on it? "I like to lie to my console, and now I won't be able to do it because the freaking thing remembers every thing I do". Women ...

You can watch the launch video here.

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